Animals Plus Wiki



Click_Me is the creator of Animals+, as well as No Cubes. He performs all the coding for the mod, as well as creating most of the textures for every mob, except for the new butterflies in version 1.3. and the whale, which was made by an artist named Glow


Starwarrior25, known more simply as Star or by his real name Jacob, is a pixel artist collaborating with Click_Me on Animals+. He designed all 16 butterflies orginally added in version 1.3.

Star originally saw Animals+ on Planet Minecraft, downloaded it, and saw potential for the butterflies, as there were only two before version 1.3. Upon contacting Click_Me and showing him potential replacement textures, Click_Me and Star began working on new textures, as well as discussing plans for the future of the mod. They continue further developing the mod and continuing their friendship.