Animals Plus Wiki

A fish swimming in the ocean.

Fish are small, passive water mobs that swim gleefully around their wet, blocky habitat. 


They have four hearts and spawn in any body of water, and are not confined to any particular biome. They are however, a more "entertaining" way of obtaining raw fish. This method includes diving underwater and murdering the innocent adorable animals of the sea, or dragging them onto land and watching them flop around and suffocate. This is also quite easy, as they don't react to the player in any way.


  • Fish were present in the 1.3.2 versions of the mod, and made a return in version 0.5.3 along with the newly-added angler and whale.
  • Fish were improved in version 0.5.4, along with new support for the Forge API and the temporary removal of Moths.
  • Fish are incredibly adorable, and satisfyingly tasty.
  • Fish can be burnt to delicious perfection, but only after suffering a horrible, painful death. (PETA Approves!)