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Manta Ray

A manta ray diving down to the depths.

Manta rays are passive water mobs that spawn in the oceans and swamps. They are quite beautiful and docile, and add a nice atmosphere to the waters.


Manta rays have 8 hearts and will swim around gracefully. Like fish and whales, they do not react to the player in any way, and will just continue their graceful way, so it is quite fun watching them.


  • In the 1.2.5/1.3.2 versions of the mod, there existed a stingray, which was passive, but would sting you if you bumped into it. Later, in the 0.6.0 version for 1.7.2, a completely passive manta ray was newly added.
  • Manta rays have a fluent "wing" animation, and spawn with their "wings" up, but then move them up and down as they swim.
  • The manta ray's model was inspired by Daveyx0.