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A mouse scurrying in the grass next to a pond.

Mice are passive land mobs that spawn in the plains and forest biomes. They scurry around and squeak, adding a new feel to their respective biomes. Quite unfortunately, however, they are the prey of snakes.


Mice have 2 hearts, and will regularly scurry throughout the land. They will not react to the player at first, but when hit, they will panic for a while, similarly to farm animals. Their lack of reaction at first makes them an easy target for snakes.



  • Mice were added in version 0.5.5, along with lizards and snakes.
  • The mammalian mob that was released in 0.5.5 was supposed to be a bunny, but then it got changed into a mouse for the snakes to eat.
  • The mouse's model was created by Daveyx0.