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A snake sitting on some leaves.

Snakes are hostile land mobs that spawn in the desert, swamp, and jungle biomes. Their hiss is a warning sign to nearby players, and they are quite successful predators.


Snakes have 6 hearts, and will sit still, moving very rarely. When a player comes within 5 blocks of their sight, they will attack. They do 2 hearts of damage, and poison their target for 14 seconds. Once the player goes far enough from them, they will stop attacking. They will also hunt nearby mice, which always end up being eaten by the snake.



  • Snakes were added in version 0.5.5, along with lizards and mice.
  • Snakes have a fluent slithering animation, as well as a tongue animation.
  • Snakes don't drop anything, and are best avoided.
    • However, snakes are not as aggressive as other hostile mobs.