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A whale gracefully emerging from the depths.

Whales are huge, passive water mobs that spawn in the depths of the ocean. They are gentle giants and sing quite frequently, adding a calming atmosphere to the seas.


Whales have 25 hearts, and will peacefully swim around, making pulsed calls as they go along. In addition to this, they have the splendid habit of gracefully jumping out of the water and landing back in. They do not react to the player in any way, so it is quite fun watching them.


  • Whales were added in version 0.5.3, along with fish and anglers.
  • When killed, whales drop blubber.
  • Whales have a fluent tail animation.
  • A diamond sword is the most effective way of murdering them, as they have a hefty 25 hearts and swim fairly fast.